Monday, February 7, 2011

New Years Resolution

Well this year I decided to make a News Years resolution and boy did I jump in without thinking too much about it. The mouth just opened and out it poured. Well let’s say it could be interesting and some of my friends are making bets against me. (They know my weakness when it comes to craft) BUT I WILL BE STRONG.
This year from January to December I am NOT allowing myself to purchase any new craft items. I must use and reinvent the stash I have. (This does not include replacing for example a tube of paint that I already have but have emptied along the journey but it must be an exact replacement.) Let’s be sensible some things you must replenish so you can continue forward J

I created the rabbit for our local painting group “PAINT WITH A MATE” we are a group of like minded artists who meet monthly for a chat and a paint. Each month one the committee members (there is four of us)design a piece and our members can choose to paint it if they wish.
Original design
You will be happy to know I broke NO rules. This cut out was from my stash, originally purchased from stitches and craft show in Brisbane in the year 2000 when I first started to paint (unfortuneatly I can't recall the designers name). The wee baby rabbits are made from the timber eggs that came scented to perfume your wardrobe, I used some shapes I punched from scraps of paper from my numerous punches I collected years ago when they were super trendy. My Mum crocheted the baskets from her stash of cottons.  All the boxes are ticked.
Not a bad effort even if I say so myself. The actual shape sat on my painting desk for weeks looking at me until one day out of the blue my daughter and I decided a rabbit could possibly fit the shape. I think I felt stifled for some time as each time I looked at the shape all I could imagine was the doll design that the shape was actually designed for. It is often hard to think of something other than the seed that was initially planted. It is a bit like “don’t think a yellow banana” What immediately pops into your head?
Think outside the square; you may amaze yourself with what you come up with.

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