Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Whispers from an Angel

As you may have read my New Year's Resolution is that I don't buy any craft items for a year. So far so good......and as yet I have not been tempted......should I also add that I have not gone into any store that sells it either :o) I must create with what I have, and to achieve this I put a surface in my studio and every day I look at it as I pass through the room on my way to the office. It can often sit there for weeks, day in, day out, I look at it until it tells me what it wants to become. Silly I know but it works for me.

The weekend arrives.....and I turn into a Golfing widow as I do most weekends. I never complain as this is when I get to be creative and I don't feel guilty as everyone else in the house is doing their own thing. I often paint with my Mum and my girlfriend (she also loses her husband as the men play golf together). Let's say some days there may be more talking than painting, but then some days we can even impress ourselves with what we achieve. No matter what; we finish the morning feeling great for spending some quality time together and solving the problems of the world.
I had drawn a sketch at the end of January after doing a an online class "Fabulous Faces" with Tam from willowing & friends  and she had taken my fancy. In the wee hours of the morning a little voice told me I should paint the angel from my sketch pad today. Firstly this posed a few challenges as my sketch was only 15 x 21cm and the canvas was 30 x 60cm. This meant I would have to add extra to my design to fill the space nicely.

The easiest way for me is to scan my sketch into my computer and play around with it within Corel Draw. I can position her and add extra elements to help fill the space available. When I was happy with the size I printed it out on a couple pieces of tracing paper to save time having to redraw her.

I love texture and love the look it gives to the finished piece. The canvas I have is quite a course weave. I work in an office and had been saving the old envelopes for who really knows why. I ripped them up into pieces and stuck them to the canvas with matt medium making sure some overlapped and also that some of the canvas remained. Remembering how much I love texture I than applied a thick coat of white gesso with an old scruffy brush, leaving all the brush strokes.

I only had my greyscale pencil sketch to be guided by. I normally play it safe and go with what I know but a little voice told me to try this totally different colour "Dusty Rose" so I listened and off I went. It was horror at first as the colour was very dark compared to what I would normally pick. It is always challenging trying something new but the adventure is worth the extra effort. It makes you extend yourself. If you listen hard enough you can often hear the a soft little voice within suggesting this and that. Most times I take her advice.

Your painting will have many steps as you lay down the different foundation colours. I often work with a limited palette and change the colours by adding them together, I find they blend together and look as those they belong. I also add a lot of washes of colour, very fine transparent washes, building them up and layering the colour one on top of the other.

I enjoy creating from not having any idea of what she will look like. One step leads to the next and then the next. Because not knowing or having any preconceived ideas doesn't leave me any room for disappointment. It is what it is. Now if I were to pick up the same sketch again I know she would be very different as I would chose a different colour palette and position her differently, possibly change her hair style. I paint from within and I know I can be one moody person. (Never in a bad way, just very emotional) this reflects in my art work.

I hope you enjoy the steps I took to create her. She tells me her name is "Rose".

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  1. Hi Annie,
    Just thought I would stop by and say hello again :)
    I love this painting, you are very talented.
    Take care


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