Thursday, February 10, 2011

Work in Progress

Well it has certainly been a busy week....... I have been spending time visiting the many talented artist that have taken part in the ONE WORLD ONE HEART 2011 as I type this 845 people have registered from all over the world and I have only had the opportunity to visit a handful. It may take some time but I will endeavour to meet them all.

So with having next to no time to paint I thought I would share one of my many works in progress. This is a lid from a box that I have been adding and taking away from for months now. I am relativity new to drawing and painting faces and the more I learn from others and as I develop my own style my personal likes and dislikes change along the way.

So I have changed the eyes by making them into the oversized eye I prefer these days and gave her a lip job along the way. There is only a limited amount of change I can make without ruining her and I tend to push the boundaries at times. I plan on adding some stamping and embossing powers when time permits. I promise to share with you the finished product. Just don't go holding your breath as I have a tendency of jumping around depending on what I need to create, for when and for who.

My foundation is a MDF box on which I stuck a piece of scrapbook paper (white with black text) with matt medium and then applied my background colour with matt medium added to the paint so the colour became transparent enough to leave a hint of what lay beneath. I had before attaching the paper used a decorative ruler and tore the paper to a slightly smaller size than the actual lid and sides of the box. I like the rough edge look which when dry I enhanced with a wash of purple to make it stand out more. I found it beneficial to moisten the paper along the edge where I wanted to tear with a spray of water.

The  flowers are from a napkin which I further enhance with paint. This technique was used in a class I took over at Sharon Tomlinson's site. My face is a product from various classes I have taken within the last year. I will endeavour to list them along in the sidebar as time permits. I do enjoy taking classes with others as there is so much you can learn. The web has opened up a new world of experiences we can all share in.

The idea of my blog is to not bog your down with words but give you food for thought so I will stop for now.


  1. Hi Annie, I'm coming at the right time to visit you, I see, I loveeeeeeeeeeeee, I adore boxes, so I'm making them myself also. But than with cardboard, I love this box to. You are a very gifted painter. Great!! best wishes from janine

  2. Hi Annie, I know it is a full time job to go around the world to all the bloggers!
    And this is a nice box, no words needed!
    Warm greetings Susanna

  3. Annie ,this is absolutely stunning hun.Just love the box and the colours fab!You are an inspiration to all.Wish i could paint as good as you .Hugs judex

  4. This is beautiful! Thanks for the link to Sharon Tomlinson's site, I am a watercolourist and only just finding my way with acrylics and mixed media, so all tips and advice are very welcome. Julesx

  5. Annie your face is looking fab and looks well on your box GO GIRL!

  6. She is very elegant! I love the color of the background, lets her really show up well! ♥

  7. Oh wow, Annie,
    Your work is exquisite!! Thank you so much for coming to visit my blog--it's so nice to meet you~I am your newest follower!!!

  8. I really love this project and decided to follow you...looking foward to what's next :-)


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