Monday, March 7, 2011

My wonderful prizes

I participated in the "OWOH" event a couple of weeks ago. I had a fantastic time visiting all the wonderful blogs and meeting the most talented people. If you left a comment at the blogsite you went into a draw to win a prize from each site you visited.

Normally I am not what you call lucky when it comes raffles and draws but for this event I was blessed. Perhaps it was because the weekend of the draws my husband and I were celebrating our wedding anniversary :o) Or perhaps this may just be my lucky year.

Today when I collected the mail I had a wonderful surprise all these packages addressed to me.

The first parcel I opened was from Kate Gardenghi. Kate's blog is the Tropical Blonde . Please take the time to visit her, she creates some amazing things.

I have the perfect outfit to compliment these earrings and can't wait to wear them. Thanks so much Kate.

My next parcel was from Halle. Halle is from Halle's Hobbies and has a passion for paper art and mixed-media, sewing, painting, photography, jewelry making and gardening.

Halle's gift came at a perfect time as they now adorn our new office white board. They are much appreciated.

Next I tore into my parcel from Jodi Davis. Jodi is from Jodaeo Design and is another lady of many talents. Check out what she did with a feather duster.

Thank you Jodi for the fantastic pair of earrings, they too are my colourings. I adore brown tones.

And yes there is more.......Sounds a bit like one of those ads.
Lucky me what can I say :o)

Alison from the 'View from the teapot"
handmade these wonderful cards, bookmarks and frame. They were also accompanied with a two page letter. Many thanks Alison.

Be sure to check out Alison's website as she is sharing some of her new designs there.


  1. Congratulations Annie! I know what you mean about OWOH. I won some goodies too.

    It's lovely!

  2. Congratulations Annie! I won some prizes too and feel very blessed. It was a great journey.
    Keep creating and smiling! :)


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