Thursday, July 21, 2011

Christmas in July

Well winter has certainly turned on its chill factor in support of Christmas in July this year in sunny Hervey Bay, QLD. I have always dreamt of a snow white Christmas but feel this is probably the closest I would like to come even though I adore the warmth from an open fire place, it is the in between area's that get me.
I was fortunate to have one of my designs published in the "Handmade"Christmas in July issue. Vol 29 No 3.

And shortly after I had an email from Kareena from The Scrappy Cow in Margaret River, WA contact me asking me to sell him to her for her Christmas in July Winter Wonderland retreat. Sounds like a fantastic event. I only wished I lived closer. Check out her blog to find out more about the fun activities planned.

The Door Crown Cow "Jim"as I affectionately name him was packed off with a selection of his mates to help Kareena celebrate.

And after Christmas is over the gang will be able to all hang together. Possibly indulge in a little wine tasting. I hear Margret River has fantastic vineyards.

Happy Christmas in July to all who celebrate :o)

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  1. Ah cute cows - in my past life i used to make and paint cows - it was fun. also had christmas in july - after all have to have it in cold weather once in my life.


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