Friday, September 9, 2011

Starting a new class

Finding time to draw can be very difficult and one of my goals of sitting down at least one a week has vanished. I had then made a new goal of once a month. I have attached my latest drawing and as you can see I dated it July 2011.  So I’m afraid my drawing goal has taken a back seat. But now with the beautiful spring month of September I am feeling more energetic and have enrolled in a class by Jane Davenport.

 Here; besides the very talented teacher “Jane” I found the most enthusiastic class mates to relight my drawing passion. They have come and gathered from all over the world. Starting a new class can be very daunting but once you enter the group, everyone is so friendly and encouraging and all your fears melt away.

So keep an eye out; I will post about my journey here. Hopefully I will see some of you in class :o)


  1. Your drawing is so gorgeous Annie... such a sweet face... I have just signed up for Jane's workshop too... and yes everyone is super friendly... only watched one video so far but can't wait to get started... most likely will see you in

    Jenny x

  2. I have popped over from Jane's class and love your art. I especially like the giraffe painting.
    See you in class, Wendy :)

  3. Loving your blog and glad to have you at "Supplies Me" class ... cheers!

  4. such a lovely drawing Annie.
    See you in Jane's class!


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