Saturday, January 28, 2012

Green Frogs

We have had some major rainfall in Hervey Bay over the past few days. In one day alone we had 150mm. Our yard has some low lying areas that fill with water. Normally the local ducks welcome the new ponds for the few days while they exist.  

Last night the noise was unbelievable and to our amazement the glass door leading to the back deck was covered in baby green frogs, I counted 30 on the glass door alone with numerous others jumping over the decking. (sorry the photo did not turn out). But I did go into the yard today and captured a few photos to share with you.

This is our driveway.

I love green frogs and I have heard that if there are green frogs around it is a sign of a healthy environment. Well I am happy for healthy but if they could just keep the noise down a little. (Just so I can drop off to sleep) It sounded like swamp land, you could not even hear the TV over the noise let alone trying to sleep, it was amazing, I wish you could hear it.

The ponds are covered in eggs so I can imagine we will have many more little green frogs :0)

Within the water around the palms.

Above is a painting that I did many years ago now, it hangs in our office. Years prior to the painting (years before I even started to paint) I had collected an ad from the local newspaper with the small black and white graphic. There was something that drew me to it so in the draw it went, only to be discovered years later. Now I have another frog I would like to paint, my husband found him in my shoe the other night while feeding the possums.


  1. Thanks for stopping by! I love your tree frog :D I am jealous of all the wildlife that surrounds you!


  2. What a cutie pie this little frog is! And, all of your work is just gorgeous! thank you so much for your visit! :))

  3. i've always loved frogs..i have an drawf african frog..your art work is wonderful.


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