Sunday, February 26, 2012

29 Faces - Day 26

Face 26

Today was fun, I found a bottle of Derivan rewettable Liquid Pencil in the cupboard. Can you believe I acquired this bottle years ago now and had not played with it. (One of my must have purchases) I really enjoyed playing with it and I will endeavour to use it more often as I like the finished look and best of all the ease of use.

I will finish her off with verse. I just need to think of one :o)


  1. She is beautiful Annie... the liquid pencil looks fab... funny with those must haves... hmmmm have quite a few of those myself... still in their hard to believe we are at day 26 already....

    Jenny x

  2. Liquid pencil... Never heard of it, but it sure looks amazing. Does rewettable mean that it never gets waterproof? The drawing looks great!


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