Tuesday, February 28, 2012

29 Faces - Day 28

Face 28

My paintings always start from an idea but rarely end up as I first visualized them. I never let this bother me, in actual fact I enjoy the ride. This piece was so far removed from my jumping off point, small traces of line drawing can still be seen if you search for them within the light colours.

Initially I had thought of drawing a bird cage as her dress, these are quite popular around the web. I started with the head and after several attempts at the cage I felt it did not look in proportion with her head as I felt it needed a complete cage to pull off the effect I was after.

So no hard feelings I just rubbed it out and proceed with a dress :o) I will try for a cage another day perhaps.

I still wish to work further on this piece but for now she is complete enough for face 28. Acrylics on canvas panel.


  1. What a stunner she is Annie... I adore her dress and love the contrast with the aqua background... she looks like she may have just jumped in to say hello... so beautiful!!

    Jenny x

  2. Very well done! She is quite the cutie and I love that dress!

  3. Loved seeing all your faces - so sweet!

  4. wow, the answer my friend is blowing in the wind....Love that dress.


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