Wednesday, February 29, 2012

29 Faces - Day 29

Face 29

How the month has flown.......I have really enjoy participating in the challenge, some days were truly challenging to find the time while other days were pleasantly relaxing. I created some of my designs while sitting on the lounge with hubby watching My Kitchen Rules while at the same time texting my girlfriend with my thoughts about the show and contentests. A good multi tasking evening :o)

I have tried to have a play with some of my must have purchases that were pushed to back of the cupboard and believe or not there are still some other items to test drive. But that may be another day and perhaps another challenge.

Below is a cover of a journal which I created in mixed media. The cover is a soft vinyl which adhered all the elements nicely without to much preparation. The only trouble I had is where I free handed the face and if I wanted to change something the pencil did not erase. I prepared over the top of my pencil drawing with a smooth coat of white gesso which not only gave the acrylic paint tooth to adhere to but also allowed for the colours to remain bright and true.

I got to dig out some of my scrap booking paper, paper flower, gemstones, stencil and printed off one of my favourite quotes on the laser printer. Nearly forgot I made some lace with one of my Martha Stewart punches.

I complete the finished piece with a coat of waterproof matte medium.


  1. She is lovely Annie and I always eat desert first!

  2. Gorgeous! I love the colors & your use of various media. I love the flow of her hair, too!


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