Wednesday, February 8, 2012

29 Faces - Day 8

Day 8 and the pressure is mounting :o)

Today is a canvas panel 5”x 7” painted in acrylic paint.

I like to sketch directly onto the board with my 2B pencil. I can use a soft rubber to remove any unwanted lines. Once I am happy with my outline I apply a thin coat of white gesso on top of the pencil lines, brushing the gesso in the direction of the lines to avoid too much smearing. Appling the gesso softens my pencils lines so they are then combined easily into my painting and it also eliminates any unwanted smearing.


  1. Oh Annie... she is just the sweetest little thing... her face is adorable... and I love the background contrasting against her golden hair... SO gorgeous...

    Jenny x

  2. Oh--I really like her! and thanks for the great little tip with the gesso!

  3. She is wonderful; and I love the way you positioned the butterfly- super clever, I can see myself borrowing that idea in the future :D
    Also thanks for the Gesso tip, being left handed; I usually smear half my sketch work right off the canvas!

  4. She is beautiful! The colors are so cheery, and I love her little "wings"!

  5. She is adorable!!! Thanks for the gesso tip too!!! I will definitely be borrowing that one :0)

  6. She is adorable! Thanks for the tip! great idea!

  7. hello,
    I have been enjoying a look at your charming faces. they are lovely as can be. I have just recently learned about Prismacolor Col-erase pencils. they are erasable and they do not spear with paint or gesso, yea.

  8. Lovely colors! I really like those wings.


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