Sunday, March 4, 2012

Another Face

We are now into March and the desire to paint faces has not left since I participated in the 29 Face challenge in February.

Our "Paint with a Mate" group meet every month and I took along a sketch I had made on a canvas board. It is a wonderful experience to sit and paint amongst like minded people. At times I am sure I talk more than I paint but no matter what we all have an enjoyable morning and leave looking forward to next month when we meet again.

I didn't finish her in the morning (to much talking) but sat this morning to complete her. She is painted in acrylic's with some distress on the background.


  1. She is gorgeous Annie... and I love the beautiful background color... your painting group sounds wonderful... and lots of fun...

    Jenny x

  2. Very pretty work! I know what you mean--I can't seem to stop either, but then I've always made faces since I was a kid. I used to think I was the only one, boy was I wrong!

  3. Your faces are amazing!! I'm enjoying the ride friend:)) Thank you so much for following me!! It just makes me smile:) Have yourself a super weekend!

  4. She is great!! How are you enjoying the lifebook class so far


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