Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Over the Easter break I was able to spend some quality time in my art studio. I just love it there. I have a large window which lets in the natural light and lets me peer out into our side garden which often accommodates some wildlife from birds, ducks and hares to name just a few.

Besides being busy with my commission work I snuck in and painted up one of my pencil drawing that I had completed while participating in the 29 Face Challenge. You will find the pencil drawing in the below posts.

She is painting on a watercolour canvas I adore the texture as it is smooth unlike the canvas panels I have been working on lately. But very different to paint on with the acrylic's.  I am still to add a few final touches.


  1. She is stunning Annie... I love her... and the gorgeous rich colors... sounds like a fabulous Easter break enjoying time in your studio...

    Jenny x

  2. Oh she is sooooo cute! Love the softness of her gaze and the prettiness of her face. Colours are all so complimentary also!

  3. She's so pretty! She has a look of wonder to her:)

  4. She is just beautiful. Your work is wonderful!

  5. hello Annie,
    she is wonderful
    i love her clothing
    her cute chin
    her beautiful eyes and well kept hair

  6. She is so sweet and I love her clothes, too! Such gorgeous color.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and your very thoughtful comment. I appreciate it, so much! :-)

  7. Oh I love her so much Annie your blog is lovely too, I enjoyed my visit xoxo

  8. I love her eyes! she looks like she's longing something

  9. wow love those blue eyes. Just beautiful.


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