Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How do you process????

We are all unique creatures when it comes to processing what life deals us.

I find I retreat to my craft room as I find it a safe, peaceful place where as I craft I find my mind processing and rationalizing. I leave my craft room feeling mentally stronger then when I entered.

This past week I found myself spending time reflecting upon the life of my dearest Uncle Bill, he was 90 years young and together we had made some special memories.

Time spent within my craft room and also enjoying the company of some new crafting friends I created my angel cats.

I have named them Tilly and Bill.

I started with a piece of calico and sketched on the design with a zig millennium brown pen and applied acrylic paint. I did not add fabric medium as I will not have to launder them but did apply a coat of clear flexible varnish so they could be wiped free of dust. The feather wings I had purchased from one of the cheap shops for $2 each.


  1. Beautiful post Annie... and like you, I find my craft room a safe haven... and somewhere I just love to be... your angel cats are just adorable... I love their little faces...

    Jenny x

  2. Hi Annie!!! These are wonderful!! You did an awsome job with the painting. Anything angels are ok in my book!!! Isn't having our own little world wonderful?? I love it.
    Have a nice day:)


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