Thursday, February 14, 2013

Day 14 of 29 Faces

Valentines Day.......this brings up some sweet memories from long ago....... flowers; chocolates. These days it slips by with no chocolates (my thighs really don't need them, and I spend my of my waking hours in the office where I can't take anything with fragrance as Courtney my daughter who works beside me will only start sniffing and sneezing).

So to mark the event I try to make something special for dinner, I may even find a new bottle of red to share :) Hmmmmmm what shall I cook.

Back to the art; sorry lost in the moment........I thought I should use a little romantic red for this one.

I adore my new lacy stamp and my dotty washi tape, and Ican help but splash in a little purple to the mix.


  1. Good morning, dear Annie!
    I love your Valentine Girl ♥
    Here in Germany is it late evening, the 13th. Tomorrow maybe I will think the same things like you. Enjoy your day and greetings

  2. Your Valentine girl is beautiful Annie... and I love your lacy stamp and washi tape too... they compliment your page perfectly... enjoy your special Valentines meal and red tonight... I think it sounds a lovely way to celebrate...

    Jenny ♥

  3. Just beautiful. Hope your valentines is great!

  4. Happy Valentine's Day! Your faces are full of happiness and life, so vibrant! I'm just starting on my journey of seeing all of the 29 Faces blogs, but I'll be back again, to see more wonderful faces that you create!

  5. Looks great! yummy red and purple!
    Happy Valentine's day!


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