Friday, August 30, 2013

Friends Brighten Your Day

I decided to share my painting process as I often get asked how do I go about creating.

Basically you just have to make a start and the rest follows. I often start with a small design and it grows from there. It all depends on the day as to what colours I choose.

I draw and shade in "Tuscan Red" Prismacolor col-erase pencil. I love how it melts into the paint and creates my first shade colour.

I like being able to touch and feel my embellishments and have them scattered on my desk around me. No matter how large the area I have to create in it is NEVER enough and I quickly fill with bits and pieces and find myself creating on top of it all :o)

Bare with me as this is my first video experience and had to call on the help of my beautiful daughter Courtney.

Painting the bunny.

Adding the girl.


  1. Oh Annie... I adore this page... and your videos are wonderful... both your beautiful girl and gorgeous bunny have the sweetest little faces... was so lovely to see your process... I begin the same way as you... eyes first... and face shape last... have a happy weekend...

    Jenny ♥

  2. their eyes are amazing, they pull me right in.
    so fun watching you create, such a wonderful piece Annie.

  3. I love been able to watch how all your beautiful pieces come together <3

  4. "...make a start and the rest follows." Isn't that true of most (all?) things in life? Love it. And loved watching your process too. Thanks for sharing!

  5. both the girl and the bunny have a sweetness to them. i think i'm partial to the bunny :)

  6. Such a beautiful painting, Annie. It was great to watch your painting process too. Gorgeous! xx

  7. I really enjoyed watching you paint! Love the finished spread.


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