Monday, September 2, 2013

Mixed Media

Surprise Surprise!!!!!!! I love surprises.

I collected my mail today and there on the front cover, together with some other wonderful projects of Creative Decorative Painting and Fine Art Magazine I spied one of my mixed media pieces "Puzzling"

I really enjoyed creating this piece, I designed her originally in my art journal and recreated her for the magazine on a panel board. I enjoyed it each time which is odd for me. I normally do not like recreating the same piece twice. I did however change it slightly each time by using different stamps and embellishments along with my favourite medium; acrylic paint.

Project 73


  1. BIG congratulations Annie... I can see why she is on the front cover... she is absolutely STUNNING... darling and gorgeous... will certainly look out for that issue now...

    Jenny ♥

  2. Congratulations on the cover painting, it well deserves to be there. I like the complexity of ideas in the painting, all sorts of things to think about. Your girl is lovely, and so is the swan. My mind keeps asking why she is eyeing him like that. Quite a story going in the painting altogether.

  3. Beautiful. love her .... So great it was on the front cover! Congrats!

  4. What a beautiful image! She's absolutely gorgeous :)

  5. Awesome awesome! Congratulations. She is lovely.

  6. she is lovely and looks so connected to the swan. i like this very much.

  7. congratulations for having your art on the cover!
    it truly is a beautiful piece, tender and fun too.


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